Sunday, August 12

Bottle Brush Bruisers

Random, I know.
But I was talking with my mom about how we are on our 3rd bottle brush! And it's only been 6 months!
And this 3rd one is already looking extremely disheveled.
So, if we use approximately 10-11 bottles a day- that's about 300 bottles a month- with 3 brushes used in 6 months....
We are getting about 600 bottles washed with ONE bottle brush...
haha-- interesting numbers.

This weekend has been INCREDIBLE.

The boys- their attitudes..everything has been fantastic!
We are on our 5th day of eye drops and I wish we had found this out 1 month ago!

Yesterday, after a full day of family/grandparent time, we packed the boys up and went downtown to the DCI finals lots!

We were soo nervous- bright sun, outside, loud drumlines and hornlines, lots of people...
we thought we would have a mess on our hands
We had such a great time! So nice to have 'normal' kids who open their eyes while outside and look around at the world, and they LOVED listening to the music!  Well, Blake liked the drumlines and Eli like the horn lines.
Eli kept trying to look over at the horn lines the entire time, so mommy took Eli on a walk to watch Spirit warm up ;)
OMG. I seriously couldn't have asked for better little boys! So happy! Not a single cry from them.
Best day in a long long time.

After drum corps, we took a trip down to Brad's parents hosue.
We got their right as it was time to give them their bedtime bottle.
Fed them, and they were SO wide awake and HAPPY!
Unbelieveable! Usually they would be cranky, nasty little boys.

So we let them stay up and 'play' for 2 more hours!!
and guess what....

That's right! On all-4's crawling around the living room!
(I have video, I just need to post for everyone to see!)
 Oh i'm one happy mama!

Today, Sunday, we have been making TONS of salsa from the 20lbs. of tomatos we plucked from our garden.

It smells like heaven in the house.


Colt's first pre-season game is on this afternoon!! YAY football season!!

Gosh- I just can't imagine how much more amazing these boys could get and feel after their Thursday appointment, since these eye drops have already made such a drastic improvement with them!

Oh Happy Day!  <3

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  1. So Happy the Boys are feeling better! Imagine how great they will be after Thursday!! :)