Monday, August 27

Happy Days!

Well...I figure I owe everyone an update on our Breakfast Adventure.
First time in a sit-down restaurant with two babies...and everyone knows how nervous I was.
I feel like this is the time that you 'insert foot in mouth'.
It went great!!
I packed a lot of toys and our mesh teethers.
Those mesh bags were a Life saver! I ordered a side of fresh fruit and those boys chomped on honey dew and cantaloupe almost the entire time!
If they weren't eating, they were standing up on the chairs bouncing up and down laughing so hard.
The other diners around us were smiling and laughing at the boys!
They were never once a disturbance, in fact, they were the highlight of the restaurant!
We couldn't be more proud of how they acted and handled the noise, new faces and being 'trapped' in our arms haha.
I feel like we can offically venture into restaurants with a little less stress on us!
After the restaurant we went to Brad's parents to hang out more with Gma Shirley.  It was so great seeing her. She looks so wonderful and healthy!
Both boys took great naps, but Eli made me a little nervous. He took a 4 hour nap...
But, he must have really needed it. He was so happy once he woke up.
And, Eli is soooo close to officially crawling!!
He can take 2-4 crawl 'steps' before collapsing on his belly. They he would get right back up on all fours and take a few more steps. 
He just needs more of a reason to move.. no toy is enough motivation haha

*I really think Eli is just too smart.. he sits there and just thinks about if it is worth moving or not...  I honestly think he might be the kid that starts walking BEFORE he crawls.. For those who think that's's not.
While Eli took his 4 hour nap, Blake was outside playing by Gma's waterfall!
It was so great seeing him outside playing and not being miserable.

We found out Saturday that Eli LOVES football :)   Daddy can't wait to watch football with his boys!!
Sunday evening when we got home, the boys were still in great moods so we are taking advantage !
If they are happy and playing, then we let them stay up and play! It's been so rare that we have had so much time to play with them and they stay happy, that we are LOVING every second!

So the boys stayed up playing until 7pm, then we fed them and put them to bed.

This ended up working in my favor because I got to sleep in until 7am this morning! YAYA!!
(Sounds pathetic, but those extra 30minutes rocked my world.hahaha)
For the first time in MONTHS..well maybe ever... They stayed awake, playing, happy, laughing until 9:00am... that's 2 whole hours with no crying, whining, meltdowns... OH MY.
I haven't been able to stop smiling all morning.. It's amazing that you don't realize how much stress their pain and moodiness can put on you.. until you don't have those in your life anymore.
Is this what having 'normal' babies is like??
When I put them down for their nap..they both pop right up to standing and start jumping and laughing... Again- can't stop smiling.  :D
SOoo.. 10 days after Surgery #1, and 6 days after Surger #2..
We have two TOTALLY different baby boys.
It's amazing, a miracle, a God send.
We have been BLESSED.

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