Thursday, August 9

Fussy Be-Gone

After two days on eye drops to relieve the pressure from the boys' eyes, I am happy to report that they seem to be helping!
The doctors say that the pressure builds up the their eyes and that pressure can cause them to have constant headaches. Well, it has progressivly gotten worse and worse. We went from just fussy nights, to fussy right before naps, to waking up fussy etc....
Now, after 2 days of drops, the fussy-count has dropped TREMENDOUSLY.

*We are still having to give them 1 dose of tylenol a day, but usually they can make it to the evening before it gets that bad- unlike last week when we were doing 2doses a day!*

Our days are much more enjoyable again. Which makes me a much happier Mama!

Although I am scared to death about their upcoming surgeries, I am so ready to get the process started.
I want my babies to be pain free and to be able to see the world crystal clear.
I hate knowing that everything they see is when I talk to them and ask if they can see the silly monkey-- It truly saddens me to know that they can't...and WHEN they can- they won't have a clue what anything is :(
I feel so fortunate that they are 'ahead' in the development schedule, so if this does delay anything during recovery or re-learning, at least it really won't 'slow' them down!

An alas, the teething continues. Blake's top teeth are SO close to coming through!!! Ahh I can't wait for teething to be finished!

This is why God gave mom's TWO feet ;)

Happy Days <3

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