Friday, August 24

Got to Admit- It's Gettin' Better

Today was a weird, weird day in our house.
Not bad, not amazing.. just weird.
The boys have still been pretty sleepy lately. Which is totally understandable. 2 surgeries, 4 trips to the hospital, dozens of eye drops, and a cold on top.
So, I let them sleep! What else is a mom gonna do.
You know the saying..."Never wake a sleeping baby". 
Those people knew what they were talking about.  It's NOT a pleasant experience. hah
So, they sleep. I bake. Everyone is happy! :)
Both boys have really been struggling to eat since their second surgery. Which makes me a little nervous.  
They haven't eaten ANY solid foods since Tuesday. Eli has only been taking about 3-4oz. of formula before bed..and he is still sleeping all 12hours!  During the day, they are only taking 3-4oz of each bottle too!  So weird..are these still my chunky little boys?!
** I will say that since the first surgery, Eli has lost weight..He is under 18lbs now..*
But, what do you do? You can't force them to eat. It just pisses them off more and stresses me to the max! I attempt to give them food and that's all I can do.
"You can lead a horse to water.... blah blah we know the rest.."
Well, I pulled out my MD coat and Googled it! 
We've been waiting on these darn top teeth to push through for FOREVER... Well, it seems like it is about to happen!
-Change in appetite
-Diarrhea (I know TMI, but this is a blog about babies...c'mon..)
-Obvious Drooling..when I say drooling I mean SOAKING outfits
-Chomping hard on anything that can get into their mouths..and NOT letting go
etc, etc.....
So, I take a look at their gums.. turns out they are SWOLLEN. Poor babies.. recovering from surgery, fighting a cold and horribly swollen gosh these are some tough baby boys.
From what I have read, when they start refusing foods, the teeth are only about 4-7days away.
Fingers Crossed!!!
Blake outside.
They are still pretty sensitive to light... I am hoping that's because they are still recovering from being cut open lol.  Blake was NOT a fan of today's sunlight.

Eli feeding himself...What a weirdo.  Only I can say that because i'm his mom..but really? What kid holds his bottle with his feet?? I mean, are his arms THAT tired? Or is he lazy? Or smart? hahah.
So silly..I was laughing so hard!
The good part about today is that we are slowly noticing the boys feeling better and better.
It's not a big improvement everyday, but it's enough that today- 3 days after surgery, we can tell a difference! And that is unbelievably exciting.
Brad got home from woke super early today - which means the boys got more daddy play time! They LOVE playing with daddy (seeing moms face all day gets boring! haha)
Even Brad and tell a BIG difference in their attitudes.
It's really hard right now because of the nasty teething, they still have their fussy moments.. but it is NOTHING like what we have been dealing with.

The last month, at bedtime, it would be non-stop Screaming matches and crying and trying to get them to calm down just to eat a little bit and Nothing we did seemed to work, and Brad and I would cry and argue, and sing, and bounce and walk, and Laugh...We tried Anything to calm our babies down.
Now, 3 days after their surgery, Bedtime feedings are...
It's like they are 2 weeks old again..(Except they won't fall asleep in our arms while feeding, and when they are done they jump up in our laps and they climb all over us and are laughing and talking..)
But it is so nice. Nobody can possibly understand what it's like fighting two babies every night and not having a solution...then One day, it's better!
I think a lot of people take it for granted how "normal" their babies are..
We are almost to that stage.
I couldn't be more happy with the results we have seen already. And I can only imagine how happy the boys are that we FINALLY fixed their pain and listened to their cries for help!
How do you Thank all of the Doctors that have played a part in helping our babies???
The only thing I can think of is to send them some fresh, homemade baked goods with a big
Thank You Note!
I'm sure every doctor likes cookies, cupcakes and brownies..right?!
Hopefully we will be seeing a little more improvement each day, to the point that going outside is not a big deal.
Continued prayers are always welcome as we continue our recovery process!
Have a wonderful weekend! We are looking forward to more play time with our sweet babies!!

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  1. I do have to say that I laughed so hard when that monkey feet photo popped up in my Instagram feed! Too funny!!