Friday, August 31

Four Eyes...err....Eight Eyes

We had our 1 week check up at Riley's today!
I have to admit I was a nervous stressed out mess.  I so badly wanted everything to be ok so we would not have to schedule another sedation exam.
After such a long day yesterday, the boys were pretty tired still this morning and that made me even more nervous.
Good News!
The boys' eyes look wonderful! They are healing great and they said the surgery was a success!
Eli's eye pressures: 9 and 15  (Used to be in the 40's!)
Blake's eye pressure:  6-- wasn't able to get the other eye
Those numbers are so fantastic!!
They wanted to dilate their eyes to be able to check the very back of their eyes...
Blake's right eye has been turning in a lot- making him look really cross-eyed. They checked to make sure there wasn't something else going on inside the eye- and more good news, Everything looks great in both boys!!
They also checked to see how their vision is (Didn't even know this was possible before they could read/speak)

Turns out both Blake and Eli are near-sighted.
Honestly, who isn't near or far-sighted anymore!

Blake was around a -5
Eli was around a -9
The doctor said in 2 weeks, she would expect them to go down a little...
IF Blake's comes down to a -3, then he will NOT need glasses anytime soon. 
IF it stays around -5 then he will probably need glasses in the next few months.
She basically said she does not expect Eli to come down from a -9 to a -3 in 2 weeks...and is almost POSITIVE that he will be getting glasses in 2 weeks.  :(
I hate how much this news bothers me.

I am so incredibly grateful that their Glaucoma is solved and their pressures are down. I can obviously tell a major difference.. almost as if I have 2 totally different babies in my house..
I can't believe i'm going to admit this, but I'm so worried about people making fun of him.
I know I shouldn't worry about it or even care.
My baby can see and that's all that matters..
But a 7 month old with Glasses? ..BLah.
Like I said, I hate that I let it bother me.....Hate it.
Hopefully getting glasses will help Eli a lot.
He has almost NO motivation to crawl towards anything...he sits on the floor and will stare at a toy for 5 mins straight...
Maybe he has no motivation because it's not clear still!
One more step in the wild process.
We will be going in for check ups Once a month for the next 6 months probably...once they know their eye pressures are stable, we will just be going in once a year.
I'm so thankful that the surgery was a success!
3 Day Weekend!


  1. On the plus side, if he has to wear glasses from such a young age, maybe he will be totally comfortable with them by the time he starts school, etc.? I remember kids in elementary school being totally mean to the first few kids who had to get glasses....ugh.

  2. Kristen, I am your Mom's cousin, Betsy. I met her at the Martin reunion in July. Your grandma was telling about the twins eyes,etc. I have been praying things work out great for them and you. God is good. I have two grandchildren with a colon disorder that has Drs. puzzled, they never saw anything like it. So they have been in and out of the hospital numerous times the past four years. Victor is 11 and Heidi will be 6 in Oct. They live in Calif. and drive 5 hours to Sacramento for appointments and surgeries. I have been there a number of times to support them through it all, but living up here in Canada, Whitehorse,Yukon Terr. doesn't make it very easy. I can relate to your stresses, surgeries, Drs. appointments and all, knowing what our daughter, Jewel goes through, as well. I keep praying and hoping for the best for your boy's eyes. Thanks for keeping us updated.