Monday, August 20

Amish, Eh? No Way!

After looking back at my previous posts, I've realized that I have been starting them the exact same recently..

"I'm Not Sure....."

Seems to be a lot of that in our lives right now.

Well the title of this post might seem odd.. But we have been living and breathing Canning in this house! I have NEVER seen or cleaned so many tomatoes in my LIFE.

We had about 20lbs of 'maters from our own garden, then this past Sunday Gma and Gpa B came down and brought another 30-40lbs **From Christina and Randy--THANK YOU GUYS!!!!***

We officially have:
 7 quarts of Salsa
6 quarts of Marinara Sauce
8 pints of Condensed Tomato Soup

Because of this amazingly full cabinet, Brad feels like we are Amish.
hahahahaha. I personally feel Menonnite. lol 

After blanching all of the tomatoes and getting their skins off, and seeding all the tomatoes and juicing all of them- we were exhausted last night.
So today, during the boys' nap times, I finished the process!

We used the 'meat' of the tomatoes for our Marinara sauce and we didn't want to throw all of that juice away- but we both HATE tomato juice, so we figured the best way to use every bit of these 'maters is to make tomato soup!!

Today has been touch and go with the boys.
On the plus side, their eyes are looking AMAZING!! We can see their eye color again and they are opening them much much wider!
That makes me one happy mama!

But, Eli is terribly sick now.
*Not quite sure where he picked up this cold, but he sounds like a barking dog when he cries or coughs..and everytime he coughs or sneezes he farts!!*hahaha

I'm almost positive the Anesthesiologist will NOT allow him to be sedated for over an hour when he is this sick.  :(
But, Blake is still healthy and should be able to go ahead and get his second eye procedure tomorrow!

This mama is so exhausted mentally and physically. I'm SO ready to move past all of these doctors appointments and get onto the fun times!

Well, i'm off to relax and watch my trash T.V. of Hell's Kitchen and Master Chef!!


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