Tuesday, August 7

Through the Eyes of Babes.

I'm not sure anyone could understand what a mother goes through when their babies are hurting.

I never quite understood what it meant to have the love of a mother. That unconditional love for another.
It's the most incredible love.

I didn't even know I held that love, until this past week.

Things have been moving so fast it almost seems like yesterday I just simply mentioned to the doctor that they boys had really watery eyes. Like it was nothing. Like it was normal.

Within 2 days we had an appointment set up with a local Optometrist.
*Shout out to Dr. Garn at Zionsville Eye Care*
He was incredible with the boys and after that appointment, again things moved fast.
Dr. Garn called an eye specialist here in Indy on Monday and we had an appointment set up for Tuesday at 8:30am.

Riley Children's Hospital

You hear about all of the great things they are doing and how many children's lives they save. But you NEVER think that one day you will be taking your 6 month old babies to that hospital.

As we went from a little watery eyes and some light sensitivity to the possibility of glaucoma my mind raced to the worst possibilities.


How could my perfect babies have such a horrible disease. And isn't this disease for Old people?

I hate that every negative thought ran through my mind, every glimpse of their future when away, I HATE that I can't seem to think positive.

I mean, afterall Ray Charles was blind. And he was one of the greatest musicians ever!

We had our appointment at Riley and I will say they gave me some hope.

After today, the boys have to get drops in their eyes twice a day. Then, next Thursday (August 16th) They will be going back to be sedated- they need to get a more extensive eye exam. While they are already sedated, they will go ahead and perform surgery on 1 eye on each of the boys.
We will have to go back the next day to get their eye patches off-  then the following Tuesday, we go back in to get surgery on their 2nd eyes.

Good News:
It only takes about 24 hours for the eyes to heal- no long term recovery period
We will see almost immediate changes
They will know exactly how bad the Glaucoma is and what this means for our future.

As far as the future goes:
*They might need more surgeries in the next few months or years
Or, this surgery might last them for many years
*They might have to wear contacts/glasses for the rest of their lives
Or, this surgery might halt their eye deterioration enough that they won't need them
*There is still a chance in the future of them losing their vision permanently- BUT hopefully we are catching this early enough that we are putting a stop to this.
*They will need to be monitored the rest of their lives just going to the eye doctors more often than most people and keeping track of their eye pressure levels.

I must say that our Pediatrician Dr. Mary Brunner deserves a big fat raise.
Without her, we woud have NEVER gone to the eye doctor. Without her, we would have thought NOTHING of these watery eyes.
Without her, our babies might have gone blind before we caught it.

Who would have thought that our perfect babies would have a disease as nasty as this:
Here is a great Foundation if you would like more info..

I am looking forward to next week and what it brings.  I know it will be a lot of struggles, but I am trying to think positive and looking toward the fact that my babies won't be in pain anymore. They won't be struggling to see anymore. It will be like we are welcoming them into the world for the first time!
I can't wait to take them swimming and them not be so miserable.

<3 Time

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  1. Ahhh, so sad to hear this! My fingers are crossed for you and your boys!!!