Thursday, August 2

Rough and Tumble

We woke up this morning knowing that Brad had to be at the hospital at 10:45am to get an Upper GI Endoscopy.
He has been having some issues and they wanted to send the little camera down in him to check out what is going on.

Before he left, we were playing with the boys, all the sudden we realize the Eli's mouth is bleeding like crazy!
We cleaned him up and discovered it was coming from his top gums.  We instantly assumed it was from his teeth cutting through. Now, i'm not so sure... It seems that he might have cut his gums from his bottom teeth maybe? Or maybe it is from his top teeth coming through..who knows.
He is fine and never once cried about it.
We had him chomp down on a cold wash cloth and these Teether Nets::

You can put frozen fruits in this or crushed ice...
Either way, they love them!

(This is Blake, not Eli, but I didn't want a picture of a bloody mess)
*This one I haf filled with a frozen Banana*

Once the boys went down for their nap, our Doctor called us. Said that they were pretty worried about the boys' eyes and how watery they are.. They really want us to get them into the eye doctor ASAP.
So, after what seemed like dozens of phone calls, we found an eye doctor that will be able to get them in on Saturday.
Hoping that it is not a serious issue- but i'm really thinking that they will just need some eye drops.
Their vision is GREAT, so I know that's not the problem.

Brad was HILARIOUS after his endoscopy- super drowsy and talking (and cursing). Non of which he remembers! Kind of scary seeing him so messed up though.  I did shed a few tears for him :(

Everyone is exhausted from today and hopefully we will all be back to normal tomorrow!
Tomorrow is Brad's last day at his current job- scary starting a new chapter for him.
But exciting for the new opportunities ahead!


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