Wednesday, August 8

The Bridge Over Our Troubled Waters..

It's amazing how in one week's time this blog has taken a totally different view!

Through all of these doctor's appointments and dissapointing new, I must say, I am much more calm now.
We have found a few great websites that are just for families of kids/babies with Glaucoma. It is really nice to hear and talk to other people.

I have one word today:


Admittedly, when I used to hear this word, a few things popped into my head:

Looking back, I was so close-minded, judgemental, un-educated. That's not to say that their aren't some people taking advantage, but here is our story.

When I was SUPER pregnant and couldn't work anymore, I decided to apply for Medicaid. I'm not totally sure why. I suppose since I was pregnant with Twins, I wanted to be sure that if anything happened medically, that we would be covered. Or if anything happened to Brad's job and insurance that we wouldn't have to worry.
But I must say, walking into the Medicaid office to apply, I felt over-dress, embarrased, self conscious, and almost wanted to take off my Ballin' diamond ring- for fear they would not take me seriously- but I don't think I took THEM seriously..

I was approved for Medicaid due to me being pregnant (an only because of that- apparently even on 1 income, we still made too much money).
My doctor's office did not accept Medicaid- which was fine. We were totally capable of paying our bills through insurance and I wasn't about to change doctor's 1/2 way through this pregnancy. I mean, I really had the BEST doctor.

When we went into labor/delivery, I still never sent one thought toward the Medicaid I was approved for.

After the boys were born, we received mail from the Social Services department informing us that my Medicaid was ending, because the pregnancy was over, BUT the babies would be covered until their 1st birthday.
Because, again, I never thought we would use it. The boys' pediatrician did not accept Medicaid and I LOVE her--so much that I was not willing to change doctors.

Apparently someone has been looking out for us, before we could ever know what our future held.

It turns out that ALL of the boys' eye procedures, anesthesia, doctors appointments, out-patient care will be covered 100% by Medicaid.
It also seems, that Medicaid will not only be covering our Remaining balance of the labor/delivery/hospital stay back in January- but they will more than likely be giving us a refund for the bills that we have paid.

It has been a LOT of hospital bills- for two kids and myself. We have been paying them on time, struggling at times, but paying them- and would never think to default on those bills.

But when I found out today that the 'silly' Medicaid (that I applied for, never thinking I would use, while being embarrased I was even applying...) is going to be covering us 100%...
I cried. Hard.

How could we be so fortunate in all of this that SomeONE was looking out for us before anything ever happened.
To know that no matter what my babies need, they will be able to get. And that we will be able to afford to take care of their health at home as well now. Guilt-Free.

So, I appologize for the close-minded, judgemental, un-educated person I used to be. 

Grateful.  <3


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